How to get a credit?



You may be wondering how do I get a loan in the easiest way and with the least interest?

It is very simple, we make loans between individuals and we are the intermediaries who are responsible for the transaction is carried out safely. That is why we profile the best candidates who are looking for a loan to take care of our investors’ money so that both parties benefit.

You would be surprised to know that 66% of those who apply for a loan do not profile to obtain it. Well, being a benefit, only people who meet certain requirements access.

They are nothing from the other world but there are those who, without taking them into account, apply. That’s why we tell you what the main filters are and if you cover them, congratulations! You are already a candidate to get a loan.

Here we tell you what these requirements are

Here we tell you what these requirements are:

Check your income

Whether by payroll receipt or statement, it is important that you check your income. It will seem strange but there are a lot of people who have no way of showing what they earn month by month. The reason is simple, because that way we make sure that the nominated person has the ability to pay and we are more certain of how he manages his finances.

The income must be equal to or greater than 7 thousand dollar per month and you must bear in mind that the monthly payment to pay off your loan does not exceed 30% of it. That is to say: if you earn 7 thousand dollar , the ideal is that you allocate only 2,100 dollar to pay your credit and previous commitments. Remember that we seek to improve your financial situation, not to put it at risk.

Have a good credit history

Have a good credit history

The “credit bureau” (to which we all have access) is the place where the accounts and lines of credit that you manage throughout your financial life are concentrated. This says if your behavior has been favorable or not, depending on the timeliness with which you made your payments, job stability or good management of your credits for more than two years (including credit cards).

The better credit history, we will have greater assurance that you make your payments and the interest allocated to the credit service will be lower. In this way we reward people who have made payments in a timely manner throughout their lives and now seek to consolidate debts or undertake a project, among other reasons.

If at this time you are already behind in your payments, we recommend you seek help from experts, so you will avoid generating new debts.

Score of 635 or greater

Score of 635 or greater

This goes hand in hand with your credit history. The better you do it, the higher your score will be.

That you have so many points (635 are the required ones), it tells us that you are qualified to apply for a loan or that you could improve the conditions you currently have. In the end the numbers are what tell us how well you have done it and we will know how to benefit from it.

According to the Credit Bureau, the relationship between the credit score and the interest rate is that the higher the score, the lower the risk of default is the creditor. More people will want to invest in it and less will be their interests.

If you have doubts about where you can get it, request a Special Credit Report on the Credit Bureau page, it is simple, it will not affect your history and has an approximate cost of sixty dollar .

Make the form!

Remember that we are a digital platform that automatically reviews more than 100 credit profile variables. It is very likely that if you reached this point in the article, it is because you are interested in obtaining a loan by paying the lowest interest.

If you meet the requirements and want to obtain 20 thousand dollar or more, we invite you to register . If you have a positive profile you can be a candidate and we will reward you for it.