From Volleyball to Soccer – All eyes on Soccer in June 2018

Put your volley ball aside and grab your soccer ball as the soccer world cup is about to start. If you are a sports lover you will be turning your attention to the FIFA World Cup in June 2018. Whether you prefer to watch Volleyball, Baseball, Tennis, Hockey or American Football, come the 14th of June 2018, most sports lovers will be switching their channels to tune into the game between Russia and Saudia Arabia. If you enjoy sports betting, the FIFA World Cup is a great opportunity to back a side and put your money on them and hope they win the competition outright. For the best advise on who to take your chance on check out world cup tips and see what the panel of experts say. Many people enjoy world cup free bets and world cup tips will give you daily tips on who is most likely to win their encounter on the day.

It is said that 3,2million people tuned in to watch the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil and 1 billion people watched the final take place between Argentina and Germany. Germany won the encounter with an extra time winner by Mario Gotze. Soccer is a fascinating game and it is one of the most watched and supported sports in the world. The FIFA World Cup is a very exciting competition that takes place for 7 weeks and comprises of 32 of the worlds best nations. There are 8 groups of 4 and the winners and runner ups of each group head into the knock out phases. The knock outs phases comprise of the last 16, the quarter finals, the semi finals and then the finals. There is also a third place play off which is competed against by the two losers of the semi-finals.

The reason the world cup draws so much attention is because the best footballers in the world from each nation come together and compete against one another. The World Cup always throws up a surprise or two and an underdog can reach the later stages of the world cup and on the other spectrum a favourite may get knocked out earlier than expected.

This World Cup will be missing some of the bigger nations such as Italy and Holland who failed to even qualify for the tournament.

The early favourites to win the competition so far are Brazil, Spain and Germany as they have the squad depths, experience and the know how to go all the way and lift the cup. Who will cause the biggest surprise this year? See world cup tips and they may have the answer for you.